About Gabriella

“Gabriella weaves a uniquely magical blend of compassionate patience, loving  comfort and understanding.

A professional mentor, guide and facilitator for over 30 years, Gabriella is also a gifted multidimensional  healer who’s deep expansive love for her clients and her work continues to urge her forward in more creative ways towards transformation, collaborating with others and supporting community.

Her reputation has made her a sought after guide for people on a journey of healing for mind, body,and spirit. She offers this through a special blend of Ortho-Bionomy bodywork (a unique modality with roots in Osteopathy and Eastern Philosophy), Breathwork and Spiritual Counselling.”

“Joy and Freedom is our right. As we share this with others we are contributing to a better world.”  Gabriella

My thirty years of training includes:

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage.

Somatic Integration

with Daniel Weber , was my first introduction to Body/Mind studies. An extensive study of energy, we learned how we move in and out of each other’s energy field, how some people hold it closer to themselves than others and how we can choose to direct it when and where we need to. It became obvious that when working as a group, trusting each other, any activity moves as one energy towards a successful outcome. Also how we move our bodies has everything to do with how our mind moves and vica versa. A powerful awareness , for me through this study, was how transformational being deeply present can be when someone is sharing their pain and how trusting myself gave me insights for my own journey and those who entrust themselves to me for guidance.

Ortho Bionomy

I trained with various teachers from the U.S. who were leaders in their field. What I found valuable training, ongoingly, over a period of time was the experience of working with the body’s energy rebound. By this I mean staying present whilst holding a move, whether physical or energetic, until it rebounds itself, listening intently for the body’s lead.  Also observing the body’s natural ability to come into balance when presence is brought to imbalance was important, learning trust and patience.  I understood that imbalance can be addressed physically, energically or etherically according to the reason the imbalance exists. I learnt that this work affects all aspects of the being from the organs, fluids, musculoskeletal, hormonal, glands, lymphatic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems  and so on, physiologically, as well as the mental and emotional bodies. I understood that each affects the other, so informing me that what is addressed in the body will assist the state of the mind and the heart. This knowledge lead me to do further training to enhance my Body/Mind understanding.

Gestalt Therapy

with David Garb from NZ, added to my knowledge of the body/mind process by guiding people to speak through their experiences, losses, doubts and fears to bring, to the surface, the pain associated for the purpose of releasing them thus providing the freedom and lightness of being they desire. It is a role playing framework or method amongst other things that enables a conversation to be had with parents, siblings or partner (past or present) as if they were present and thereby resolving the inner conflict.

Baby Massage Instructor Training

with Diana Moore from the U.S, taught us a magical technique and philosophy that could be shared with parents and  Hospital birthing staff for deeply connecting with a tiny baby whilst teaching the infant what ‘relax’ is. (An experience us adults have no idea about until taught through meditation or massage). These infants get to feel the strength and presence of their own body/mind whilst feeling the love of their parents. Teaching parents a technique to show this love to their new baby is indeed a gift to all concerned.

Experiential Neuro Linguistic Programming,

multidimensional awareness, Energy Healing, Auric Field reading and healing, Light Body Travel, DNA activations,  lifting trauma, past life regression, telepathic communication and crystal activations here in Melbourne; an experience I don’t think I could put into one paragraph. Suffice to say a life changing experience that took us to other worlds and timeframes and back many times, each time returning brand new. Not for the ‘faint hearted’ as they say, courage, trust and complete surrender was necessary to go to such unfamiliar places in ourselves and return changed forever. Of course the most important aspect of this training was the development of a deep trust and love for Self despite the fears, shame, grief and pain that arose. The result of this love and courage is an unswerving and unconditional love and compassion for Humanity knowing we can create a peaceful planet even if only one heart at a time.

Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training

gave me the structures and techniques to share what I have learned in a teaching environment.

Theta Healing

with Simon Rose enhanced my knowledge of the power of releasing negative beliefs, transforming them into loving and truthful experiences for the healing of the body/mind… Entrusting the God energy to guide us towards our True state of Love, Strength, Courage and Compassion.

Meditation and Yoga

Training consistently for the past 30 years has set my course clearly teaching me focus on the Divine within, as a way of life, that helps me maintain a centred, balanced state of being. ..To be present and focused when working with others as well as with myself when listening intently within …to love and honour every part of our body/mind and all of life.

The understanding that All of Creation is movement of energy, or molecules in motion, and All of life is a dance of energy moving towards its highest potential, drives my focus when facilitating transformation.

When this movement of energy in and around our bodies is acknowledged and followed, shifts take place to return harmony and balance where it may have been blocked. All the physical systems can then realign and that sense of deep peace is possible. Over a period of time perfect health is regained.

My commitment to humanity is to assist in the actualization of World Peace through the personal freedom of each individual. My picture of Peace is for All people to know consciously, unconditional love and compassion for Self and All in a borderless world where everyone respects each other’s culture and communicates with care for the Highest Good.


What others have said…

“Thank you for putting your hands on my body and knowing where my pain is, Thank you for being willing to  be with my pain, thank you for holding my hand and helping me to see a different way, thank you for sharing parts of you you don’t normally share, Thank you for allowing me to share EVERYTHING! Thank you for sharing my joy. ”  MP

” I have been blessed by the gift of Gabbi’s unique healing energy and empowering life coaching. She has guided me with exceptional skill, strength, insight and compassion on a healing journey for my heart, mind, body and soul. Working with Gabriella has renewed my energies and transformed my life. ”  Professor – Melbourne

One thought on “About Gabriella

    Carmel Gerdsen said:
    June 21, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    “Experiential Neuro Linguistic Programming”: what you have written here I agree with whole heartedly! It wasn’t for the ‘faint hearted’. I especially love this bit… ‘Of course the most important aspect of this training was the development of a deep trust and love for Self despite the fears, shame, grief and pain that arose. The result of this love and courage is an unswerving and unconditional love and compassion for Humanity knowing we can create a peaceful planet even if only one heart at a time.’ My life continues to change and grow, yet I look back on that time in gratitude for the amazing life tools I now. It was a definite turning point in my life and I want to acknowledge your part in it. Thank you, Carmel xox

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